What material is the plastic Xinwang hollow template made of? What are its advantages?

    With the continuous development of the oil industry, plastics with light weight, high plasticity, excellent chemical properties, low price and other advantages, rapidly replacing a large number of materials, applications become widespread, usage of high raw material, the use of plastics has also been Gradually penetrate into every corner of people's lives , such as plastic doors and windows, plastic accessories, plastic furniture. At the same time, the use of plastics has caused more and more commodities of other materials to be driven out of the market by plastic materials. Many commodities are made of plastics, thus stimulating the potential of the plastic products customization market.

     However, due to the wide variety of plastic raw materials and different characteristics, there are countless plastic products that can be developed, used for different purposes, and have different functions. Therefore, it can be said that the market potential of plastic products is huge, and we can say that we have thousands of products that can be realized. Plasticization, not to mention those new products to be developed.

    The Chinese name of PP plastic is polypropylene , and the English name is polypropylene. The first P stands for poly-"multiple, polymerization", and the next P stands for polypropylene "propylene". It is a kind of plastic. We commonly use PP Baby bottles made of materials, PP plastic bags, PP plastic bowls, cups, etc. , so we call the pp material food grade plastic, because it is not easy to decompose when subjected to high temperature, the performance is quite stable, equivalent to other plastics , It's safe,Non-toxic, odorless, low density, strength stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low-pressure polyethylene, and has good electrical properties and high-frequency insulation, not affected by humidity, common acid and alkali organic solvents are almost not kick in.

   Fujian Plastic Xinwang New Energy Co., Ltd. modified the conventional PP plastic alloy through polymer nanotechnology. Plastic Xinwang developed a unique formula of "nanopolymer additive". The modified PP plastic has stable physical and chemical properties. The hollow plastic formwork produced by it has excellent performance, not only has the hardness of the wooden formwork, but also maintains the toughness of the plastic, overall improves the bending modulus of the formwork, improves the disadvantages of the conventional plastic formwork, and better meets the needs of construction , Set a benchmark in similar products.

   Plastic Xinwang insists on technological innovation, patented the first "single extrusion" production process, the template produced will not be deformed due to thermal expansion and contraction, has the unparalleled advantages of black plastic template, the product surface has high hardness, friction resistance, easy to take off It has a wide application temperature range, heat and cold resistance, aging resistance, no warpage and no cracking. Can withstand various construction loads, the product has a certain flexibility, can be used in buildings with arcs, tunnels, bridges have obvious effects.



   The advantages of plastic Xinwang hollow plastic template:

1. Light weight, high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance, smooth surface, smooth, good molding effect

2. No moisture absorption, no deformation, no mildew, long-term immersion in water, no layering, no foam, stable plate size, especially suitable for use in underground and humid environments. It has good toughness and can be used as various heterosexual templates for curved surfaces.

3. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, use and storage without any anti-corrosion treatment, does not pollute the concrete surface.

4.  Normal turnover times can reach 50 times, long service life

5. For processing, can be ordered, sawn, drilled, and can be connected in any combination

    Product quality is the life of an enterprise. From the birth to the gradual growth of an enterprise, excellent product quality is the key to its survival in the fierce market competition. The company is equipped with high-standard factories, from raw material procurement to finished product quality inspection, so that users can use it with peace of mind.