The officer said: Plastic Xinwang hollow plastic template VS aluminum template


        In January 2019, the National Bureau of Statistics held a press conference to announce the operation of the national economy in 2018. According to relevant statistics, the total output value of the national construction industry was 235,086 billion yuan, an increase of 9.9% year-on-year. The building construction area of the national construction industry was 14.09 billion square meters, an increase of 6.9% year-on-year. From the overall economic data of the above construction industry, the entire construction industry is still in the rising stage, which has also led to an increase in the demand for construction templates.

      Architectural formwork is a formwork and bracket for concrete pouring. In the past, the traditional formwork on the market was basically aluminum formwork, wooden formwork, bamboo plywood and other traditional forms. Not only the utilization rate is low, the use cost is high, but it also has a great impact on the environment! In recent years, a new type of plastic building template has appeared in the domestic market, which has been widely used in construction and bridge engineering with a thunderbolt. Among them, the plastic Xinwang hollow plastic template is represented by many advantages in construction. The template industry "stands out."

       In the formwork industry, aluminum formwork, as one of the pioneers in the formwork industry, has always had an unshakable position. The author dared to make a simple comparison between the hollow plastic formwork produced by Fujian Plastic Xinwang and the aluminum formwork. Which one is better?

1. The hollow plastic template and aluminum template have good performance in wear resistance, corrosion resistance and water absorption.

2. The hollow plastic formwork has excellent product performance and competitive advantages in certain aspects, and the aluminum formwork is difficult to keep up. For example, in terms of toughness, the hollow plastic formwork has good toughness and can be bent into an arch formwork; while the aluminum formwork has poor toughness and cannot be bent into an arch formwork. In terms of impact strength, the hollow plastic template has a large impact strength, and the aluminum template has far less impact strength than the hollow plastic template.

3. The standardization of aluminum templates on the market is not high, and there are too many non-standard parts, which leads to low reuse rate. At the same time, the production process of aluminum template factories is different, resulting in uneven quality of aluminum templates.



      Each material template has its own characteristics and has its own scope of use. We compare the differences between aluminum templates and plastic Xinwang hollow plastic construction templates. It is not to allow customers to completely replace templates of one material with templates of one material. Because there is no material that can completely replace another material, it may be the disadvantage of aluminum templates in certain aspects, but it is an advantage for hollow plastic templates. The materials of hollow plastic templates are environmentally friendly, low cost, and high strength. , Strong toughness, impact resistance, strong elasticity, etc., are widely recognized by the construction unit, which promotes the further application of hollow plastic formwork in the market. In the long run, hollow plastic formwork has broad market prospects.

      As a manufacturer of hollow plastic formwork, Fujian Plastic Xinwang New Energy Co., Ltd. will continue to carry forward the spirit of "practical and innovative, forge ahead", continue to innovate and develop new products with better green, energy saving, environmental protection and high quality for the construction of our country. The template business makes a greater contribution.

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