Zhangpu Country Garden

        Carefully selected Zhangpu Chengdong administrative central district, as the core planning area of Zhangpu city development direction, the government focuses on the development of new districts, investing heavily to build a high-quality living community in Zhangpu. The project occupies the core location of the central administrative district of the east of the city. It is only one street away from famous schools, and is close to the bustling Maishi Street in Zhangpu. It is near the bustling center and enjoys elite education resources. A five-star Phoenix Club high-end club and U-Life themed commercial street are planned in the community , integrating leisure, entertainment, catering and other commercial facilities, so that you can meet the needs of daily life without leaving the city; more spacious outdoor swimming pool and indoor constant temperature Swimming pool, you can swim in all seasons. Zhangpu Country Garden adapts to local conditions, fully considers the local market needs, and strives to create a variety of types of modern high-style landscape high-rise and small high-rise bungalows to meet the residential needs of different customers.

Developer: Zhangpu County Country Garden Lianchuang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Country Garden Holdings) Building type: High-rise small high-rise tower Building area:

Occupied area without data:                                                      No parking information:

No information available Total number of households:            Total number of households 2516 Educational packages:

Shizhai Elementary School and Daozhou Middle School           nearly 20000 ㎡ U-life theme commercial street,