In the construction production, the concrete pouring needs to use the formwork as the mold to finalize the design.Common formwork materials include: wood gluing formwork, steel formwork, plastic formwork, etc.Conventional comparison rules of residential buildings and workshops, whether the structure of the entire building or the various components involved in the structure, are mainly rectangular, including: rectangular column, rectangular beam, rectangular wall, rectangular plate, etc.No matter what kind of material is adopted for the formwork of this kind of building, the material of the plate is rectangular, and the processing, production and construction are relatively easy to operate.Have sprung up, but in today's society, more and more irregular buildings, components such as all size is rectangular (planar shapes such as circle, triangle, trapezoid nonrectangular, including spiral structure, etc.), so as a concrete forming of enclosure, also need to make then processed into irregular shape, caused template processing, production and installation of an unprecedented difficulties.

        The non - rectangular formwork is very difficult to be made or installed on site.Therefore, according to the existing resources of the company, Plastic Xinwang has launched the fixed-size processing service of hollow plastic building formwork and special-shaped formwork, which can help construction enterprises to improve efficiency and make them more time-saving, labor-saving and worrier-saving.We will make our due contribution to green development, energy conservation and emission reduction.