Hollow plastic building template product specification:

1. 915*1830*15mm, 13.5±0.5kg, 1.67square meter;
2. 1220*2440*15mm, 24.5±0.5kg, 2.98square meter;
3. 915*1830*17mm, 14.5±0.5kg, 1.67square meter;
4. 1220*2440*17mm, 25.5±0.5kg, 2.98square meter;
Note: OEM/ODM can be made in batches according to the size required by customers for special specifications

Features of hollow plastic building formwork:
1. Light weight, high strength, good toughness, high impact strength;
2. Small expansion coefficient, large plate width, few joints and wear resistance;
3. No moisture absorption, no mildew, no cracking, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance;
4, easy to process, sawing, nailing, welding, longitudinal and transverse can be arbitrary connection combination;
5. Smooth and smooth surface: good casting and molding effect;
6, turnover use times can reach more than 50 times, long service life;
7. Easy demoulding, no need to brush demoulding agent, the template can fall off by tapping, shorten working hours, save manpower, and speed up the project;
8. Environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution, no harmful and poisonous gas emission