A large number of melt-blown fabric workshops start to cause polypropylene soaring speculators have a strong short-term speculation mentality


 "Our high melt index polypropylene price is 80,000 yuan/ton, which has risen in the past two weeks. Previously it was about 9,000 yuan/ton, now it is three prices a day, and the price in the afternoon and morning may differ by 10,000 yuan/ton. "A manager engaged in the sale of melt-blown special materials told the Financial Associated Press.

       As the epidemic swept the world, the gap between the supply and demand of masks continued to expand, and the price of meltblown cloth as the "heart" of masks once again ushered in an increase. According to reporters, the current price of some meltblown cloths on the market has reached 400,000-500,000 yuan/ton. Compared to the eve of the epidemic, 20,000 yuan per ton can be described as skyrocketing.

      "The polypropylene market has been very chaotic recently, with different prices, and the raw materials of individual brands and small meltblown lines are more speculative and have increased by a larger margin." A production director engaged in meltblown fabrics received money on the afternoon of April 14 The Associated Press reporter said in an interview.

       Driven by interests, a number of private melt-blown fabric workshops have emerged, pushing up the spot prices and futures prices of raw material polypropylene . According to data from Dongfang, polypropylene (pp2004) has soared from the closing price of 6200 points on March 31 to the current closing price of 8008 points, an increase of nearly 30% in just two weeks.

Plastic Xinwang PP Hollow Plastic Formwork

     "At first, after the Secco S2040 rushed higher, other polypropylenes also followed suit after rising prices." An industry source told the Caiye reporter that the Secco S2040 is a low-melting index cotton spinning material, completely Can not meet the requirements of high melt index meltblown materials, but driven by interest, the rise of a number of meltblown cloth workshops around the Ching Ming Festival has driven the price of the low melt index materials upward.

       "Small workshops can only use low melt index polypropylene, such as the low melt index of 300-400, because the equipment technology cannot keep up, and the general melt blown material is 1500 high melt index polypropylene." Explain to reporters.

       According to reporters, the melt-blown process uses high-speed hot air flow to draw thin fibers. If the air flow speed of the melt-blown equipment cannot be reached, it will be difficult to spray high-melt finger melt-blown materials into filaments, and even wire breakage may occur.

Short-term hype is strong but not long-term trend

      "(Polypropylene price skyrocketing) is short-term," a chemical person predicted in an interview with the Finance Association Press. He told reporters that the upstream of polypropylene is propylene, propylene is a basic raw material in petrochemical industry, that is, the first type of product derived from petroleum, propylene is a by-product of ethylene, and polypropylene is the largest downstream of propylene. product.

    "The supply of propylene is sufficient, and it can be produced through three routes, including oil, liquefied gas and coal." The above-mentioned chemical sources told the Caiye reporter that the production of propylene from liquefied gas is relatively large and the cost is relatively low. It is easier to say that propylene production.

     Like the above-mentioned meltblown cloth production director, this chemical person also believes that the price of polypropylene has skyrocketed and there is no lack of hype. He said: "The hype atmosphere of chemical industry is very strong, which is also the reason for the total skyrocketing and slump in the chemical industry, because The market is strong and the industry is full of competition. With polypropylene and futures, spot speculation and futures are both rising recently."

      In addition, the reporter noticed that in recent months, many listed companies including Split (002324.SZ), Nanjing Julong (300644.SZ), Guoen (002768.SZ) and other listed companies have started Production and production increase; Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical and Yizheng Chemical Fiber have recently put into operation the third meltblown fabric production line. With the successive listing of the above-mentioned companies' melt-blown special materials and the mass market of melt-blown fabrics, the current short-term supply and demand mismatch problem may be effectively alleviated.

     Towards the end of the interview, the above production director expressed concerns to the reporter: "The two outer layers of the mask act as a strong support, and the middle layer of melt-blown cloth acts as an isolation filter, but (small workshop) this kind of melt-blown cloth does not function at all once. The effect of sexual medical isolation may be sub-optimal." According to reporters, relevant departments have begun to introduce measures to standardize the mask and melt-blown cloth production market. ---I transferred from the Finance Association (Chengdu, Haixia Zhang)