Features of new hollow plastic building formwork

      In recent years, a new type of plastic building template- hollow plastic building template has emerged in China Its appearance injects a fresh blood into the construction industry and is favored by many people. Its advantages: low cost allocation and environmental protection will enable the construction industry in the future to make full use of it in the domestic market. Hollow plastic building templates will drive the renewal of the construction industry and renew the vitality of the construction industry.

      What are the advantages of the new plastic formwork, so that it can stand out in the building materials market? The advantages are as follows:

        1. The hollow plastic template has a small expansion coefficient, and the change rate is less than 0.1% at a high temperature of 80 degrees. The size structure is stable and wear-resistant.
        2. The hollow plastic building template will maintain its original appearance under the influence of wind, sunshine and rain. In the southern region of my country, during the rainy season, the construction site uses wooden formwork, which will cause trouble to the site staff: because the wooden formwork is easy to absorb water, if the wooden formwork is not well kept, it will affect the subsequent use of the wooden formwork. The new hollow plastic building template does not need to worry about storage issues. Hollow plastic building templates have the advantage of being extremely rich. Hollow plastic building templates do not absorb water. And the quality is still the same as the original one after being left in the sun for a while. From this point of view alone, hollow plastic building templates are indeed superior to wooden templates.

        3. The hollow plastic template is easy to process. According to the actual needs of the site, it can be processed into any shape to meet the needs of site construction.
        4. Speaking of the comparative advantage of the hollow plastic building template is its turnover times. The turnover of hollow plastic building templates is about 50 times. The number of turnovers around 50 times far exceeds the number of turnovers of wooden formwork. Consumers who have used wooden formwork are more aware of the number of times the wooden formwork is used. The turnover number of the wooden template is within 5 times, and the turnover number of the wooden template with good material is basically within 10 times. Hollow plastic building templates with high turnover rate, although the unit price is higher than the template, but the use of more. In the case of a large number of uses, the allocation cost of hollow plastic building templates can be reduced.
        5. More importantly, as a manufacturing company, our factory has a hollow plastic building template recycling mechanism, which is responsible for recycling hollow plastic building templates. In this respect, hollow panels are also superior to wooden formwork. If the wooden formwork is discarded after it is scrapped, it is necessary to let the on-site personnel handle it, which invisibly increases the cost of using the unit.

      After introducing the advantages of hollow plastic formwork , we should also pay attention to the use of our hollow plastic building formwork here. Hollow plastic formwork has many uses.

          1. Used in housing construction, such as the application of residential projects and high-rise residential projects.
          2. Construction of retaining walls and pavements.
          3. Reservoir application.
          4. Special use: it can be used in furniture boards, such as the filling board of cabinets.
          5. It can be used as a steel structure floor or as a floor.
          6. Application of chicken shed building materials. For example, chicken shed hoarding, chicken shed partition board, etc.
          7. RV pad application and so on.

      The advantages and uses of hollow plastic building templates are many. Because of this, hollow plastic building templates are favored and recognized by many users.

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