Plastic Xinwang hollow plastic formwork is used for foam cement wall without mold removal

China's urbanization process has steadily accelerated since the reform and opening up. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's urbanization level has increased from 37.1% in 2001 to 56.1% in 2015. The acceleration of urbanization has driven the rapid development of my country's construction industry and related engineering industries. The global construction market will grow at an average annual rate of 4.9%. By 2020, the global construction industry output value will increase to 12.7 trillion US dollars, accounting for 14.6% of global output.

      In my country, the construction industry is an important material production sector of the national economy, and has a close relationship with the economic development of the entire country and the improvement of people's lives. The development speed of the construction industry is closely related to the growth rate of fixed asset investment.

         The following patented technologies come from Suxinwang ’s clients. He has worked in the front line of the construction industry for many years and has sufficient experience in various operation methods of the low-level construction industry. Therefore, he can propose major practical and effective and effective major reform plans to the industry. Only the technology-free foaming cement wall integrated pouring technology of the present invention was born!
Foam cement wall-free mold-removing integrated pouring technology.
       This project is based on the foaming cement technology project as a background of architectural plan reforms. In recent years, the country has paid attention to environmental protection and adopted a series of measures. The ban on digging river sand and closing the fire brick factory has caused the price of basic building materials to rise all the way. At present, most of the most commonly used bricks on the market are mostly non-fired series, because the conventional path is taken, that is, factory production-transportation to the construction site-transfer to the floor-cement mortar construction-cement mortar plaster-hanging net - Slotting of water and electricity-installation and restoration decoration. Due to the many links, the process is complicated, time-consuming and laborious, and a lot of resources are wasted.
       The invention cuts off many unnecessary links, so as to achieve the purpose of saving resources.
  • The route the inventor of the invention expects to take is: prefabricated formwork without demolishing , which is about one-fifth compared with the amount of bricks-->in transportation, transshipment, this piece will save four-fifths of expenses-->cement is sent by the seller To the construction site, only to the floor, and no sand and stone, so the relative amount is only one third, this block saves at least double the expenditure.
  • Installation and infusion are actually equivalent to installation while production in the brick factory. Because production and construction are two processes, this piece saves half of labor.
  • The invention does not need to be ashed to level the hanging net, nor to restore the water and electricity slot, and it can be installed directly on the disassembly-free template before pouring!
1. The following is an introduction to foamed cement
     Foamed cement is a foaming agent that is added to the cement slurry in the form of physical foaming through a foaming machine. The finished product forms a porous state, so the finished product has the function of thermal insulation, so that the indoor temperature difference changes little, saving energy consumption of air conditioning heating . Reducing the weight of the building body and enhancing the anti-shock and anti-shock function coefficient. Many thermal insulation materials on the market are also such products. Lightweight bricks commonly used in construction materials also belong to this type of product. The difference is that lightweight bricks are filled with fly ash and other filler materials in cement. Made in the form of chemical foam, the internal pores are connected, so the product has water absorption, while the internal pores of the foamed cement are independent and not absorbent!
Second, the free template     This technology is called free mold
removal, so the name implies, the first step is to make free template.
    The template is made of plastic Xinwang 2440mm*1220mm*15mm round hole hollow plastic template. If you use a wooden mold, the template will be deformed due to the moisture in the foamed cement, thereby reducing the number of repeated uses. In fact, it is also a way to reduce costs. The die edge is 2.5cm square steel pipe, and the finished steel is three centimeters thick. After the disassembly-free template is completed, the finished product only weighs more than ten pounds, which is very easy to operate!
   The following is the cutting adjustment column. This process is completed by a foam cement cutting machine. The width of the adjustment column is determined according to the thickness of the designed wall.
   The structure of the dismantling-free formwork, the outside of the formwork is made of cement mortar, cement fiber, and construction cement waterproof glue. Mesh cloth, non-woven fabric, foam cement on the inside, mesh cloth, non-woven fabric, surrounded by galvanized coil. Therefore, the disassembly-free formwork has the functions of earthquake resistance, crack resistance, corrosion resistance and leakage prevention.
    The disassembly-free formwork is installed by the assembly of the connecting pieces and is cemented with cement glue. It has many advantages such as quick and easy installation, time-saving and labor-saving, and flat wall surface!
    After the surface-free formwork is decorated, there are only two kinds of soft porcelain and real stone paint. The following will continue to develop more colors and types to achieve the purpose of completing the decoration of the wall.

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